Tools and toys are not just for men! Some of the best carpenters, plumbers, and electricians are tool loving women licensed in their trade, or they are at home keeping their homestead up-to-date the same as their male associates.

As a little kid, I found interest banging around in my Dad’s tools. He kept them on nails punched into the wall, on the workbench counter, and in specific boxes down in the basement well organized.

My year-older sister was always hunting for the perfect small nail, brads I later learned, to hang pictures in her room that she always painted of horses. Being single, today she has some of the best home tool sets, such as box wrenches, snap-on socket wrenches, and Allen wrenches to do her home tasks that she does quite well.

Dad always told us we could use his tools and he was adamant that we put them back exactly as we found them. He didn’t want to find pliers out in the grass rusting. We did as he told us, and he was right! Tools can rust leaving them outdoors and if you cannot remember where you left something, you have to buy it again.

I know that using a saw or sander can leave a lot of unwanted sawdust and debris around that is not needed to track into the house. I always use a handheld vacuum after sweeping up the bigger stuff from the floor. My wife gets infuriated when the saw dust gets tracked into the house on the bottoms of my shoes. The small vacuums are lightweight to carry to the stairs to remove dirt and debris for carpeted or other types of steps.

After a day of working at building bird houses and other carpentry jobs, we go outside with the kids and eat meat from the electric smoker that’s been cooking fork tender for hours. This device takes away the standing and wondering if a big chunk of meat is done. My wife makes wonderful salads and other delicious foods to go along with the meat for dinner. We also have a larger drum type smoker for having our huge neighborhood whole pig roasts. It usually cooks all night and is as tender as a mother’s love.

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