How to Clean Hard Wood Floors Easily

A home with clean hardwood floors is pleasing to the eye. They however require high maintenance to maintain the glow. Basic care of hardwood floors can be managed by just using a vacuum to remove dirt. Hard wood floor are delicate and therefore precise cleaning procedures should be followed. Cleaning methods majorly depends on the type of finishing used on the wooden floor which can be either oil modified urethane or water based polyurethane. One principle that always stands out is the use of minimal water during cleaning. Flooding water on a wooden floor causes extensive damage with time. You should always remove dirt by sweeping before starting the cleaning process because there might be objects on the floor that could scratch the floor as you clean.

Wood cleaning

A trick that people use to keep their hard wood floors ever clean is avoiding eating where wooden floors are, just eat in the kitchen or in an area with a tiled floor. Stains on wooden floors ruin the floor and are very hard to remove. You should not always rush into mopping, start by sweeping because sometimes mopping is not necessary because a broom can remove all the dirt. Whenever mopping is necessary, clear the floor first so that scratches can be minimized. Do not go for tough chemicals as your detergent instead, just use your dish washing soap and water or the specific detergent that is recommended by the floor designer. Use a sponge instead of a rug so as to minimize the water that comes in contact with the floor as much as possible. Have two buckets and two sponges. One bucket with soapy water and the other with plain water. Deep the sponge in soapy water and squeeze off the water. Gently rub the floor to remove dirt and then rinse by dipping a clean sponge in plain water and wiping the floor with it. When you are done, you should leave the floor to dry on its own.

When a hard wood floor is stained, you shouldn’t try to scrub or scrape the floor. Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical available at drug stores that helps to bleach stains on wooden floors. You must have gloves on for this cleaning procedure because hydrogen peroxide may have irritating effects on your skin. You start by sweeping the floor to remove dirt and then soak a cotton rug in a bowl of hydrogen peroxide. Place the soaked rug over the stain and leave it to bleach for five to ten minutes. You leave it for a longer time if the stain is more pronounced so that there is enough time to bleach. Remove the rug and observe if the stain is gone or it is still there. Wipe the floor with a wet sponge after bleaching so that excess hydrogen peroxide is wiped away.  Allow the floor to dry on its own. Multiple stains can be hard to deal with, so people have resorted to cementing or tiling their floors.

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