How to Clean Nail Polish Off Carpet

How to Clean Nail Polish Off Carpet

For me, I never drop a glass of water, or a cookie, or even a book on my carpet.  It’s the nasty stuff I drop and spill—like nail polish!  How I clean nail polish off my wall-to-wall carpet:

Nail polish remover will only smear the polish around and never use remover with acetone.  Acetone can be used and it’s an aggressive solvent, however, so try an unseen test area first to see if your carpet is color safe.

The best thing I found was Windex®, since it contains ammonia, or use ammonia right from its container with a clean white cotton rag.

Paper towels are useless; they leave tiny scraps of paper in the carpet fibers.  Use clean areas on the cotton rag each time you put more ammonia or window cleaner on the carpet or other fabric.

Ammonia and window cleaner

Always wear rubber gloves using ammonia and never ever mix it with bleach a highly toxic mix that harms lungs.  On a nice day, open windows and doors to clean nail polish from carpet.

To remove that chemical smell, use dish detergent in cold water with a new clean white rag.  Let it air dry if out of the traffic area or use a hair blow dryer or fan a foot or more away.

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