How to Organize a Storage Shed

Organize a Storage Shed

Not all storage sheds are painted or have a window with a flower box under it; no, they are simply plain to put stuff in with a door and lock.

You can keep your lawn mower and weed eater inside. Store garden tools and planting pots, sprayers, and other tools kept clean and organized protecting them from the elements.

Clean Out Your Storage Shed

storage shed

When your storage shed is cluttered and you root around trying to find something, it’s time to take everything out and start over. Throw away broken items, and things you’ll never use again or are worn out. Some things you might want to donate.

Throw out any chemicals that are past their expiration date; they’ve lost their effectiveness by now.

After everything is out, clean the floor and other areas such as corners with spider webs. Fix any loose shelves and possibly add some.

Check for any water damage or wood damage and repair it. Check door hinges and give then a squirt of WD-40 if the squeak.

Install Organizers in Your Storage Shed

The more floor space you can save the better to move around inside your shed.

Sort your items and organize them and put up a garden tool organizer rack for large gardening tools such as shovels, garden and leaf rakes, brooms, hoes, and snow shovel.

This will keep them off the floor to fall over and strike someone in the head if they step on garden rake tines.

It attaches to the wall and takes up little space there. Pegboard is good for tools to hang on as well.

Consider hanging things like a bicycle from the ceiling with hooks to organize a storage shed.


Hammer two nails or hooks into the wall to hang your garden hose on in the winter. Be sure you unscrew it from the water outlet or it will freeze your water pipes and that’s an expensive fix.

If you leave your hose outside all winter, it will wear out faster. If you have a tree with low branches, hang the hose over it to drain the water from the inside.

Then roll it up and tie three or four sides with rope or plastic ties so it doesn’t come apart hanging. Leave the end that attaches to the water spigot on top for quick hookup during spring and this too will organize a storage shed.

Garden hose
plastic storage bins

Put your potting materials such as soil and bottles of chemicals upright in plastic storage bins with lids and handles. This will keep bugs and dirt out over the winter months. Put this on a low shelf for easy access.

Use baskets or plastic containers to keep small items together. If the shed is large enough, include a work bench.

If you have a large shed, you can make a workbench when outside tinkering around on a project. Build one yourself of wood that is cheaper than buying one already made.

What I did was buy two cheap saw horses and put an old door on top of it. Works like a charm.

storage organizer

A storage organizer is good for mechanics and do-it-yourselfers to keep the small tools, bolts, screws, and nuts in one safe place with easy access. I’m a woman, and I love this gizmo for getting to easily. Mine is attached to the wall and everything is right there when I need it.

This one is plastic, weighs only about 6-pounds, and is easy to assemble and install.

You can use baskets for garden gloves and work gloves to grab when needed quickly.

Add labels to your storage containers and put what you use most often close to the door. Keep garden chemicals locked up if you have kids and pets.

gasoline container

Store gasoline containers in your garage out of the sun, since it can become hot in a small storage shed and it’s volatile. Only buy what you need for your lawn mower and other items using gasoline for the season you use it in.

I never use last year’s gasoline. If there is any left over in the container for my mower, I pour what’s left into my car gas tank. I drain the gasoline if any is left in the mower’s gas tank along with the oil for the winter.

Keep your storage shed organized and you’ll be happy you did to find things quickly when you need them.

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