How to Remove Chewing Gum from Carpet

How to Remove Chewing Gum from Carpet

Adults and kids like the flavor of chewing gum to freshen their breath, to exercise their jaw, reduce boredom, stop ear popping on airplanes, and even to help while quitting smoking. At times, gum ends up on your carpet. There are easy ways to remove gum from carpets.

  • Do not rub your carpet when cleaning the gum out. The fibers will be destroyed and the carpet flattened. It can also push the gum and color in deeper making it permanent.
  • Find a place that’s not noticeable to test solvents and oils to be sure you won’t have a different stain when removing chewing gum from carpets.

Remove Gum Ice Freezing Method

Remove Gum Ice Freezing MethodIce is simply frozen water that will not damage your carpet or leave a stain. Ice hardens the gum allowing you to remove the hard chunks.

Use a plastic bag to put the ice cubes in and place it over the gum for a few minutes until the gum gets hard.

Carefully lift off the gum to prevent pulling out carpet fibers. You might try a butter knife to pull the gum off. If the gum seems to soften, use again the ice cubes to remove gum until it’s all out.

Remove Gum WD-40® Method

Remove Gum WD-40This is the very best solvent for removing gum from carpet and area rugs and many other things such as rust. It’s not only a solvent, it’s a lubricant and great to have around your house and garage.

The red straw sprays two ways: flip it up for a stream or down for a spray on the gum area.

Let it sit and soak in to loosen gum with WD-40. Use an old toothbrush, nail, or vegetable brush to remove the chewing gum. Repeat the process if not removed the first time.

Use liquid dishwashing detergent to remove the WD-40® after the gum is gone. You might have to repeat a few times. Use a clean white cloth or a sponge and rinse with cold water. It’s always best to use a white cloth since a colored cloth can transfer its color to your carpet.

Goo Gone® Clean Up Wipes Remover Method for Gum

Goo Gone Clean Up Wipes Remover MethodChewing gum is indeed sticky!

Goo Gone® works on adhesive, adhesive residue, stickers, crayon, tree, sap, chewing gum, masking tape, glue and more. Goo Gone® for carpet stains and gum is ideal to use.

How to Remove Soft Gum from Carpet

  • Put a Goo Gone® wipe between your fingers then pinch the gum pulling it up. The liquid in the wipe will loosen the gum’s hold on the carpet fibers so that the gum unsticks. Pull up, and repeat if necessary.

How to Remove Dried Gum from Carpet

  • Getting rid of dried gum in carpet: Put a few ice cubes in a plastic bag and hold it or let sit on the gum for a few minutes to make it come loose.
  • Use a Goo Wipe® to pick up the pieces of gum and gently wipe across the harder pieces. The liquid in the wipe will loosen the gum even if older but takes more time.
  • Put a wipe between your fingers again and pull up loose pieces. Repeat if needed.

Use the wipes for gum on vehicle carpeting and area rugs as well as wall-to-wall carpeting.

Cutting Gum Out of Carpeting

This is not always a good idea, especially with shag, loops, and Berber carpet. Cutting fibers out can leave a bald spot or shorter fibers. You can do carefully, only shaving the top fibers and sometimes you can glue fibers from the closet carpeting with super glue.

How to Remove Gum From Carpet Using Ice video.

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