How to Clean UGG® Boots Guide

UGG Boots

How to clean UGG® boots is easy when you follow this guide. UGG® boots are the premier boot comparing them to a Rolls Royce car as opposed to a Nissan Versa S Sedan. You do get what you pay for in comfort and versatility with this high-end footwear.

In 1978, a young Australian surfer founded the UGG® brand on the shores of Southern California. His Aussie roots forged a strong love for sheepskin and he was convinced the world would one day share this love. And we do!

Being made of sheepskin and leather, you will naturally want to keep your boots clean showing no scuffs, dirt, or blemishes.

UGG Boots

Every season needs its own shoe. During the fall and winter months, the rain the snow and mud can wreak havoc on your feet beauties. During the spring and summer, not much dirt and yuck will accumulate on your boots.

In the summer, you will probably prefer UGG® sandals anyway and they are super nice! High or low heels are ideal for you ladies in the summer at your workplace and more casual ones for hanging out.

For the guys, casual flip-flops or loafers are easy to kick off when lounging or working.

Cleaning UGG boots



Cleaning UGG® boots is achieved best using the Australia Sheepskin Care Kit Shoe Polish Kits. It is the best product for keeping your boots and shoes in tip-top shape. When you can afford the very best, you cannot afford to not take care of your fashionable boots.

Sheepskin Care Kit Shoe Polish KitsWhen the elements of rain and snow are upon you, be sure to spray your boots and shoes with UGG® Sheepskin Protector to keep them stain-free and gorgeous.

Follow the directions on the bottle label to spray 6-inches away from your shoes and never soak your shoes with spray that will do nothing but get them too wet. Then let your shoes air dry naturally.

Use the suede brush included with the kit for removing dirt and debris.

Then use a clean wet sponge to dampen the outside of your boots. After your boots are dry, use the brush again to smooth out the suede if your boots are made of suede.

After your boots are completely dry, spray them with the UGG® Stain and Water Repellent. Your boots should now look like they did the day you bought them.

If your boots are old and you want to wash them in the clothes washer, put them in a zippered laundry bag or tie into a pillow case and use cold water on the gentle cycle. Never put your boots into a clothes dryer because they will shrink. Put them on a towel and let them air dry.

If you need to know how to clean athletic shoes, read about it here.

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