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Lawn Mowers Buying Guide

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1. Riding Mower and Zero-Turn Mower Differences

The zero-turn riding mowers are extremely acclaimed for riding mower users and buyers.  Zero-turn riders are super convenient when mowing around trees, poles, flower beds and more in the home yard and in rural areas making180-degree turns.

With proper maintenance and care in driving them, they should last 8- to 10-years.  I have a Sears® Craftsman self-propelled push mower that still runs the same today as when I bought it in 1998 at Sears®!  All I do is have my service guy put on a new mulching blade, spark plug, air filter, and dump the oil and gasoline for winter storage in my garage.

Tire pressure for the zero-turn riding mower must be checked for an even grass cut.  Always check the oil and never overfill the reservoir.  Use fresh gasoline each year.

Zero-turn mowers cut super-fast and turn sharply on a dime to not hit large landscaping rocks or your favorite peach tree.  They are better at cutting grass in small areas than traditional riding mowers.

These are better for flat terrain and will handle a slope of only 10-degrees.  There is some learning to do for beginners on a zero-turn mower.

First off, after you buy a zero-turn riding mower, be sure and get a cup of coffee or a soda and sit down and read the User’s Manual.  You will learn a lot of useful information for the best practices and safety using this mower type.

The typical riding mower, or sometimes called a riding lawn tractor, is bigger and more vigorous than the zero-turn mower.

A riding mower will cut a radius that is more broad than the zero-turn mower.  However, with the riding mower, you will need to make several cutting passes to evenly cut the grass and to cut up the grass clippings left behind to disappear.  I hate those clippings and don’t want to rake them up!

The standard riding mower is easy to use for a beginner on a rider that uses a steering wheel.  It’s a mobile machine with 4-wheel steering and will mow hilly terrain.  These mowers will add attachments for snow plowing, spreading, spraying, and more things.

Riding mowers have larger wheels for better stability shaking less while sitting there.  High-quality riding mowers have a high-back seat for you to sit comfortably without pain in the back.

However, the typical riding mower is slower than zero-turn mowers.  It doesn’t give you a clear line of sight in front of you since the engine blocks your view.  And, it’s not great at going around those obstacles of trees, poles, and gardens.

2. Do I Buy a Riding Mower or Zero-Turn Mower?

That’s always the question that I will attempt to answer here for you.

Which one is the best for you?

  • Hills and hilly terrain over 10-degrees—buy the regular riding mower.
  • Adding attachments—consider buying the typical riding mower for its versatility.
  • Obstacles, large areas, with mild sloping under 10-degrees—the zero-turn mower will be best with its ability to make sharp turns and its overall maneuverability.

Price?  Both mowers cost about the same.  Make your choice depending on your terrain and personal liking.

For those of us living where there are four seasons, we are happy when the winter comes to liberate us from the arduous task of lawn mowing. When spring comes with our grass usually needing its first mow around the middle of April, we either take out last year’s mower or look to find another best lawn mower again.

You will want the best grass mower for steep slopes, a grass cutting zero-turn mower, and maybe you want the best grass catching mowers available.

If you have a tiny area of grass such as in an apartment or condo home that you are responsible for cutting, a push mower will do the job quickly.

The new robotic mowers are all the rage these days for cutting up to one-fourth acre of grass. These are maintenance-free and you do nothing but watch them cut the grass.

Whether you use a manual push lawn mower like the one in the picture, or a power mower, you will want a good unit to be functional with low maintenance at an affordable price. Walk-behind hand-push reel mowers are usually priced under $100 with cordless battery-powered or gasoline-powered rotary mowers costing from $200 to $400+ while the robotic mowers are $1000 and up. Riding mowers for that acreage you have behind your house will start at around $2000 and up.

Lawn Mower

Each fall, I replace my mower blade or sharpen it, replace the spark plug and filter, drain the oil and gasoline, and wipe the mower housing down for the winter stored in my garage. That’s the best practice for all lawn mower types. I also wipe from a rag a little WD-40 on the blades to prevent rusting in this high-humidity climate where I live.

Find the best lawn mower that’s right by reading the lawn mowers buyer’s guide and lawn mower reviews below.

Top 10 Best Lawn Mowers

1. Greenworks® Corded Lawn Mower, 20-Inch

best lawn mower
Product Image

The Greenworks® lawn mower uses a cord for electrical power and not gasoline. It is a top selling favorite on® model number 25022. The deck is made of steel and is 20-inches using a 12-Amp motor. This is not a battery-powered mower.

It mulches, discharges the grass to the side, and has a rear bag grass catcher that holds 1.42 bushels (50-liters/13.2-gallons). Push the button to start with no rope to pull as with a gasoline-powered mower.

The height adjusts to 7 different positions for cutting heights from 1-1/2- to 3-3/4-inches for all grass types. The handles fold down for compact storage. The front wheels are 7-inch and the rear wheels are 10-inch. The mower is not self-propelled

lawn mower extension cordThe extension cord is not included yet can be purchased with the mower so that you know you are getting the correct AWG (American Wire Gauge) for operation when you buy the mower on Amazon.

When you use an extension cord, the length must be the proper AWG rating or you’ll ruin the motor. For a 50-foot extension cord, use a 12-gauge or heavier; 100-foot use a 14-gauge or heavier. Don’t run over the cord! Start at the side closest to the plug-in receptacle and work away from it.

Plug the UL® listed 3-prong grounded cord into a USA 110/120 50/60 Hz outlet. The Wattage is 1200. The mower is lightweight at 56-pounds.

You will receive the mower with installation instructions, User’s Manual, and a 4-year Warranty. It is made in China.

2. Greenworks® G-MAX Cordless Lawn Mower, 16-Inch

Greenworks G-MAX Cordless Lawn Mower
Product Image

The Greenworks® lawn mower uses a 4Ah (Amp-hour) battery for electrical power and not gasoline. The model number 25322 is a best-selling cordless mower on

The deck is made up of high-quality durable plastic. This allows the unit to be light in weight but also durable enough to handle your mowing needs.

The cordless lawn mower is not self-propelled so you need to push it yourself. It’s easy to do if your grass isn’t a foot tall!

The blade is metal and is ready to use and does not require sharpening when you receive your mower. However, the blades need to be sharpened seasonally, as needed, or replaced by a professional.

Perfect for yards up to 1/2 acre, Greenworks® 40-Volt tools are lightweight, start instantly, and require virtually no maintenance – no gas, no oil, no mess – but still deliver gas-like power.

Simply push the button to start; no rope pulling with this mower! This mower has rear bagging and mulching capabilities. The 16-inch cutting lets you meander through small- to medium-sized yards easily.

The grass catcher bag comes with it, plus the mulch plug that comes already installed in the rear slot. Remove it when you attach the grass catcher bag. The mulcher cuts the grass into tiny pieces, my favorite way to mow, because I leave the mulched grass on the lawn to provide nutrients to my lawn.

You will have 5 different height adjustments for position from 1-1/4- to 3-3/8-inches for the best grass cut.

Included with the mower are 1 each 40-Volt Ah battery with charger. This battery part number 29472 will power many tools you might already have. It will give you 45-minutes run time using the lawn mower. The battery pack has a 4-level indicator and is activated by pushing a button. Small lights illuminate to show the amount of charge that remains.

The front wheels are 6-inch diameter and the rear wheels are 7-inch diameter for better stability and manipulating through your grass.

The dimensions are 28.5- x 17- x 21.3-inches. It weighs 37.5-pounds and is a lightest gas-powered push mower.

You will receive a User’s Manual and a 4-year Limited Warranty on the Mower and a 2-year Limited Warranty on the Battery. It is made it China.

Down Sides and Battery Options for the Greenworks® 40-Volt Electric Lawn Mower video.

3. Craftsman® M105 140cc Gas-Powered Push Lawn Mower, 21-Inch

Gas-Powered Push Lawn Mower
Product Image

Craftsman® makes the finest lawn mowers going—and they tell us the engine brand they use. Plus, they are proudly made in the USA! I bought my self-propelled dark green self-propelled mower with a Tecumseh® engine at Sears® during 1998 in Denver, Colorado, and it’s still in perfect condition because I have maintenance done each year.

Sold on, the Craftsman® model number is CMXGMAM2703840; the Amazon ASIN number is B07TLL8K3H.

This push mower is not self-propelled and it has a Briggs & Stratton® 140cc engine sitting on top. This is one of the finest engines made. With over 110-years of experience, Briggs & Stratton® is trusted by millions of people around the globe and backed by the largest service network in the industry.

The dimensions are about 22- x 22-inches without the bag and the height is adjustable to 5-feet; the comfortable loop handle folds down for storage and transporting. It weighs 65-pounds and is probably too heavy for me, a woman, to put into my car trunk.

The gasoline tank holds about 1.5-to 2-gallons. For better performance, use 92 octane rather than 87 octane gasoline. Yes, it’s more expensive but will give your more power and better performane.

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 Craftsman® Lawn Mower
  • 1 Grass Collection Bag
  • 1 Mulch Plug
  • 1 Quart 4-Cycle Engine Oil

The lawn mower is 9.3 HP (take the 140 cc and divide by 15). Want to get more HP out of your lawn mower? Read here.

The front wheels are 7-inches diameter and the rear wheels are 8-inches diameter. The wheels are rubber and the hubcaps are hard durable plastic.

The minimum cutting height is 1.25-inches and the maximum cutting height 3.75-inches. Use the dual-lever 6-position height adjustment that’s easy to adjust the cutting height while mowing.

The push lawn mower has 3-in-1 capabilities: side discharge, rear discharge, and mulching. Put the mulching plug in or remove it and use the bag to catch grass. I prefer mulching to add nutrients to my lawn and not have to dump the catcher bag. The cutting width is 21-inches.

Craftsman lawn mower

Minor assembly is required but is easily accomplished with little to no mechanical experience.

The engine comes equipped with recoil and automatic choke. No more fussing with a primer or pushing in the choke button—just pull to start.

This push mower gas-powered is perfect for smaller yards up to a 1/4-acre.

Craftsman Lawn Mower CoverYou can buy a cover for this mower, and others, for about $39 more at Amazon to keep it clean, even if stored indoors in a shed or garage.

The cover fits most walk-behind mowers including Craftsman models CMEMW213, V60, M105, M110, M115, M125, M140, M210, M215, M230, M250, M270, M275, M310, M350, and M400, and has a 1-year Warranty.

The weather protective fabric includes water resistant and repellent finishes. The durable cover with advanced features protects against rain, dirt, bird droppings, and tree sap

The elastic shock cord in the bottom hem is for a quick, tight fit; cover dimensions are 73.5-inches long x 25.5-inches wide x 23-inches high.

You will receive a User’s Manual in English and Spanish, the parts listed above, and a 2-year Limited Warranty on the M105 lawn mower. The Craftsman® lawn mower is made in the USA with global materials in Tupelo, Mississippi.

4. American Lawn Mower Company® Corded-Electric Lawn Mower, 14-Inch

American Lawn Mower
Product Image

American Lawn Mower Company® began in 1895 in my home state, Indiana, with push reel mowers. Their 125 years of experience is testimony to their best lawn mowers history.

This Amazon Choice mower in black with chartreuse accents, model 50514, corded-electric mower is powerful with its 11-Amp motor, being lightweight, and easy to operate. It is a push mower and not self-propelled.

The housing and wheels are made of hard durable plastic and the handle and blade are metal. It mulches but does not come with a mulch plug.

It will cut all grass types with its power that’s equal to gasoline engines with its steel blade. This size mower is just the ticket for small yards. The grass comes out the rear and not the side.

The cutting width of 14-inches, and 5-position cutting height adjustment lets you easily change it from 1- to 2.50-inches. To adjust the height, you will need to pull out on the green lever by the front wheels and it will raise and lower the front and back wheels at the same time.

Grass discharge is from the rear using the mulching system or using the 16-gallon capacity grass catcher bag. You can adjust the handle height to be comfortable for the height of any user, and they fold as well for storage.

electric-corded lawn mowerNo rope to pull, just press the green button to instantly start the mower. No gas to buy, no spark plug to change, no oil to add, or filter to change. You will love the electric-corded lawn mower.

American Lawn Mower® states the corded-electric push lawn mower does not have a wash out port. To clean they advise against using a hose to spray the underside. To clean, tip the mower on its side and scrape any grass build-up off.

The dimensions are 46- x 18.5- x 38-inches with handle and bag. The actual mower body is 30-inches long x 15-inches wide x 14-inches tall. The shipping box is 27-inches long x 15-inches wide x 15-inches tall.

The cord on the machine is only 15-inches long, therefore, you will need to buy an extension cord. Here’s the rule for the American Wire Gauge (AWG) for what you need to buy.

The wire gauge must be 14 for cord lengths 50-feet and under. The wire gauge must be 12 for cord lengths over 50-feet up to 100-feet.

Plug the extension cord into a USA 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz outlet. The plug is 3-prong grounded. The Watts are 1320 and 3450 RPM.

This model mower does not come with a mulch plug for the rear; just remove the bag and shut the door.

You will need to attach the handle when you receive the mower. It comes with a User’s Manual and a 2-year Manufacturer Warranty. The home office is in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, and the mower is manufactured in China.

American Lawn Mower Company® 14-Inch 11-Amp Corded-Electric Push Lawn Mower video.

5. LawnMaster® Corded-Electric Lawn Mower, 15-Inch

LawnMaster Lawn Mower
Product Image

This mower, model number MEB1014K, that’s 11-Amp, and 15-inch is also available on Amazon at 12-Amp, 16-inch, and 12-Amp 19-inch for your lawn cutting needs. It is not self-propelled and is a push mower. This is Amazon’s #1 New Release in Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers.

The mower with its rust-resistant high impact 15-inch plastic deck and housing runs at 3300 RPM. The handle is adjustable giving you 3 different heights and has a 14-inch cutting width. The handle folds with cam locks.

The housing and wheels are made of hard durable plastic and the handle is metal.

With it comes the 7-gallon gas collection bag for the rear. It is lightweight weighing 28-pounds when folded.

The corded-electric push lawn mower has front plastic wheels that are 5.5-inches diameter and the rear wheels are 7.75-inches.

height adjustmentUsing the one-touch height adjustment lever, you will have 6-positions from which to choose for the grass height from 1- to 3-inches as desired.

2-step start systemIts 2-step start system provides more safety. Just press the button to start then press the orange handle to engage the motor.

Never rake your grass again with the mower’s ability to mulch. Simply remove the grass collection bag and insert the mulching plug included.

The dimensions of the package are 26.4- x 16- x 12.6-inches.

The cord on the machine is only about a foot long, therefore, you will need to buy an extension cord.

Here’s the rule for the American Wire Gauge (AWG) for what you need to buy. The wire gauge must be 14 for cord lengths 50-feet and under. The wire gauge must be 12 for cord lengths over 50-feet up to 100-feet.

Plug the extension cord into a USA 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz outlet. The plug is 3-prong grounded.

You will need to attach the handle when you receive the mower. It comes with a User’s Manual and a 2-year Manufacturer Warranty. The mower is manufactured in China.

6. BLACK+DECKER Lithium Cordless 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger/Mower, 12-Inch

Product Image

The BLACK+DECKER edger/trimmer mows a 12-inch swath that could be all you need mowed in a small lawn space. The model number MTC220 on® is cordless and it is available in a corded model if you like to use an extension cord.

The trimmer/edger part detaches from the bottom mower deck to become a separate unit for that task. Then it converts back to a grass mower.

The Automatic Feed Spool (AFS®) prevents the bumping we used to do on the ground to release the plastic cutting string. Now you don’t need to do that tiresome interruptive chore.

The unit is ideal for an area of 750-square feet. With its POWERDRIVE transmission, it will not bog down in heavy overgrowth. The deck is adjustable for height and the handle on the trimmer pivots for being more useful in cumbersome areas.

Two lithium-ion 20-Volt max batteries are included to let you use one when working and put the other one on the charger to be ready for you when you need it. It takes about 4-hours to charge a battery, so be sure both are charged before starting to cut grass.

BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower Specs

If you have a large lawn, you will need a traditional mower. This mower does not have a bag or chute for sending the cut grass out. This unit is more of a “detail” mower to get those nooks and crannies a typical mower cannot get into.


The trimmer line size is 0.065-inch. The model number for the Auto-Feed Trimmer Line Spools is AF-100. The mower frame has 2 heights.

Plug the 3-prong grounded UL® listed charger into a 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz receptacle. It does not work on 220/240-Volts.

You will receive the edger/trimmer/mower with 2 lithium-ion batteries, charger, spool of string, and a User’s Manual with a 2-year limited Warranty. It is made in China.

Black+Decker MTC220 12-inch lithium cordless 3-in-1 trimmer edger and mower review video.

7. Makita® Cordless Lawn Mower Tool Only, 17-inch

Makita Cordless Lawn Mower
Product Image

The Makita® cordless lawn mower model XML02Z uses lithium-ion batteries but none comes with the mower nor a charger. “Tool Only” means you get only the mower without the batteries and charger. You can, however, buy both with the mower only on where this mower is.

The engine speed is 3600 RPM and you will have a lever for adjusting the cutting height from 13/16- to 2-15/16-inches using a lever. The cutting width is 17-inches.

The fixed handle position is 40-inches and not adjustable.

The grass catcher bag is 13-gallon capacity and comes with the mower. It attaches and detaches easily and quickly. The soft start suppresses start-up reaction for smooth start-ups and longer gear life.

Makita Cordless Lawn Mower BatteriesYou can run the mower for 30-minutes using two each 18-Volt LXT 5.0Ah BL1850 batteries (batteries not included).

The kit with batteries and grinder is sold here at $100 more than the bare tool mower. If you want everything included, check the second box under the description on Amazon.

The motor is not brushless and there is no chute for grass to discharge out the side. It weighs 40.8-pounds with batteries when installed. The dimensions are 58-3/4-inches long x 18-1/8-inches wide x 37-1/2-inches tall.

Makita Cordless Lawn Mower

You will receive a User’s Manual and a 3-year limited Warranty. It is made in China.

Makita® lawn mower video.

8. American Lawn Mower Hand-Push Reel Mower, 16-Inch

American Lawn Mower
Product Image

The American Lawn Mower Company was established in 1895 from the Victorian era to World War II to the second suburban boom of the 1970s. The model number 1415-16 with 5 steel blades on® gets great reviews from small lawn users.

This mower is also available in 14-inch, 4-blade, and 18-inch, 5 blade for the width path you want to best serve your mowing needs. The more blades, the better the cut.

With a reel lawn mower, you will have a real workout if you have a large lawn. It is, however, ideal for a small space. You can keep your small lawn neat and trim with this full featured reel lawn mower with a welded shrub bar to push twigs out of your way.

You can adjust the height for the grass tallness you like best. It’s lightweight and uses nothing except your body to get the job done. The 10-inch cast iron wheels have radial tread tires. The ball bearing reel is the 4-spider type. The cushioned flair-style handle is easy on your hands and comfortable rather than having bare metal to blister your palms.Lawn Mower ball bearing reel

Use a few sprays of WD-40 for regular lubrication of the bearings and blades to keep your mower in shipshape mowing condition.

The walk-behind reel mower has a cutting length range of 1/2- to 2-1/4-inches. Both the reel and blades are constructed from tempered alloy steel and are held in place by an unbreakable steel plate. The mower weighs 32-pounds with some assembly required.

Click here for Proposition 65 warning. The blades only need to be sharpened every 3- to 5-years. The handle does not fold; it’s so small it will stand in a corner or against the garage wall.

It’s not a good idea to use this mower in the rain or when grass is wet. Wet grass tears and will ruin your blades whatever mower you own. Plus, all that wet grass must be removed and it turns yellow on the lawn.

American Lawn MowerThe back rollers keep the mower upright when you aren’t holding it. The mower rests on the back rollers and is a standard design feature on a push reel mower. The handle remains where you want it instead of falling to the ground.

Gift-wrapping is available for loved ones and friends. You will receive a User’s Manual and a 2-year Warranty. The Corporate office is in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, and the mower is made in China.

Great States (is American Lawn Mower®) 16-inch manual reel mower review video.

9. Husqvarna® 18.5 HP Briggs & Stratton® Hydrostatic Riding Mower, 42-Inch

Husqvarna Lawn Mower
Product Image

The Husqvarna®, model YTH18542, 540cc gasoline-powered riding lawn mower is indeed built to last for countless years. You can trust the quality of this mower sold on Amazon.

It is compact, takes up less storage space, and is so easy to maneuver that even I, a girl, can do it! The orangish-red color might vary slightly.

This hydrostatic riding mower has so many features it will take your breath away. The 13-inch mid-back seat is a soft comfortable vinyl that’s adjustable just for your body. It has an electric starter.

It has 2 metal blades that are barely offset. The mower moves forward and reverse.

The steering wheel is ergonomic making it easy to handle, hold, and turn with its tight 16-inch turning radius for tight spots and obstacles.

With its cutting height adjustment fender-mounted, it’s an easy task to lower or raise the height for your cutting requirements. The transmission is hydrostatic making it smooth with its variable forward and reverse speed by turning a switch. Be sure to plug in the battery when you get your riding mower.

It has a choke lever and a lever for 6-poistions to select from for mowing height and headlights for mowing at night when it’s cooler.

A foot pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission (HST) exists any time a hydraulic pump is connected to and dedicated to one or more hydraulic motors. Versatility is achieved by making either or both the pump and motor(s) variable displacement. The result is a continuously variable transmission.

At the link, read more about Hydrostatic Transmissions Advantages.

The riding lawn mower has a cutting deck that is 42-inches and with air induction mowing technology, you will notice improved airflow within the deck, ensuring a clean, consistent cut every time.

This Husqvarna® riding mower can be equipped with a range of towable accessories to include a mulch kit for effective lawn fertilization.

Husqvarna Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Riding Mower


  • Cutting Width: 42-Inches (107 Cm)
  • Nose Roller: No
  • Greaseable Mandrels: No
  • Anti-Scalp Wheels: 2
  • Drive Method: Pedal-Operated
  • Speed Reverse Max: 2.5 MPH
  • Speed Reverse: Min 0 MPH
  • Engine Manufacturer: Briggs & Stratton®
  • Engine Name: Intek
  • Cylinders: 1
  • Generator: 5&3 A
  • Fuel Tank Volume (with reserve): 2.5-gallons (US)
  • Oil Filter: Yes
  • Hour Meter Type: None
  • Steering Wheel Type: Standard
  • Collector: Available as Accessory
  • Front-End Protection: Available as Accessory
  • Transmission Manufacturer: Tuff Torq®
  • Hole for a Hitch Pin for Towing Attachments

No assembly is required and your riding mower will arrive on a pallet.

The dimension are 70-inches long x 50-inches wide x 41.4-inches tall and weighs 490-pounds.

You will receive a User’s Manual and Husqvarna has a 3-year Warranty on the mower and most engine manufacturers have a 2-year Warranty. Your local Husqvarna® dealer can handle your Warranties.

Husqvarna® is based in Sweden. The Husqvarna® mowers sold in the USA are made in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Husqvarna® 6-Month Review video.

10. Sun Joe® Corded-Electric Scarifier Lawn Dethatcher with Collection Bag, 13-Inch

Sun Joe Corded-Electric Lawn Mower
Product Image

Sun Joe® makes superior lawn mowers; however, this machine is not a lawn mower—it is a scarifier and lawn dethatcher. The model number AJ801E will rake a 13-inch path and comes in two-tone green and it’s made of steel.

Do you wonder, What does scarifier mean? It is a noun; it’s a tool with spikes or prongs used for breaking up dead and matted grass, and thatch perhaps from last year, and from the current year as well. Dead grass matts up on the top of the grass and looks terrible. This machine does not have an option to aerate and it does not mulch. That’s another lawn animal!

It is manually pushed and is not self-propelled. Push this corded-electric scarifier lawn dethatcher forward only; pulling it backwards will ruin the tines.

corded-electric scarifier lawn dethatcherHere’s a picture for you to see the rollers. The rake is the de-thatching blade, and the cylinder with the thin blades on it is the scarifier. It does come with both.

I found that the scarifier pulled double duty by pulling up thatch while scratching the lawn, a good thing, so I just used that. Be sure your grass is cut short or the unit will overheat and it takes about 20-minutes to restart.

It is electric-corded and is powered by a 12-Amp motor. This electric dethatcher rake starts instantly with the push of a button and easily gets the job done without polluting the atmosphere with toxic carbon emissions. No gas, oil, or tune-ups—and no lawnmower blades to sharpen—make the Sun Joe® your green choice for greening your lawn.

The dimensions are 21-inches long x 23-inches wide x 41-inches tall. The no-load speed is 2990 RPM. Use for 1/4- to 1/2-acre lots on flat terrain. It weighs 23-pounds.

Sun Joe Corded-Electric Scarifier Lawn Dethatcher with Collection BagThe collection bag on the end facing you as you push it catches the dead debris that you remove and dump, then reattach.

This is a corded-electric scarifier lawn dethatcher machine to own that’s cheaper than lawn mowers for having a healthy lawn that breathes and gives you an immaculate yard. Be the envy of your neighbors when you have this!

Stop using a garden rake that takes hours and days to pull out thatch that you then must pick up yourself and bag.

It increases its raking ability with its AirBoost technology. This increases thatch pick up using its spring steel tines staying sharper longer for reliable performance.

By means of the 5-position depth control knob, you can set your raking depth from minus 0.4-inches below the soil level to plus 0.4-inches about the soil level. You can estimate that since it’s about a half-inch.

When you want a thicker healthier turf, scarifying will cut the grass roots encouraging its growth. Do this regularly for the beauty you want. Walking in it will feel as though you’re on plush padded carpeting.

Sun Joe Corded-Electric Scarifier Lawn Dethatcher

What’s in my lawn seems to be a dense mat of weed roots, and grass clippings. These build up over the mowing season preventing water and oxygen from getting to the grass roots. When you starve your grass of nutrients, it looks yellow and dull.

The cord on the machine is only 1-foot, therefore, you will need to buy an extension cord.

Here’s the rule for the American Wire Gauge (AWG) for what you need to buy. The wire gauge must be 14 for cord lengths 50-feet and under. The wire gauge must be 12 for cord lengths over 50-feet up to 100-feet.

Plug the extension cord into a USA 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz outlet.

You will receive the User’s Manual, Collection Bag and 2-year Warranty. It is made in China.

AJ801E – Sun Joe® 13-inch 12-Amp Corded-Electric Dethatcher demo video.

How to Assemble the Sun Joe® Corded-Electric Scarifier Lawn Dethatcher video.

Lawn Mower Tips

  • For better performance, use 92 octane rather than 87 octane gasoline. Yes, it’s more expensive but will give you more power and better performance.
  • Want to get more horsepower (HP) out of your lawn mower? Read here.
  • Read your User’s Manual before doing anything; you’ll be surprised what you’ll learn. Be sure to follow the safety instructions.
  • Click here for Proposition 65 warning if you live in California.
  • Before you start cutting your lawn with a zero-turn-radius (ZTR) mower, be sure you know how to operate it.
  • Remove large branches and debris before you start mowing and don’t run over garden hoses or they will be cut. I did it!
  • Keep the kids and pets out of the mowing area.
  • Never ever alter grass discharge chutes, cut off the rubber at the back of a mower that is a safety device on some gas-driven self-propelled mowers where the bag sits.
  • Always wear good shoes and never flip-flops. When you wear shorts, rocks and other debris will hit you. Wear hearing and eye protection.
  • Wear long pants with socks for your shoes to keep chiggers (the red bug), mosquitoes, and other grass living bug biters from getting you. Chigger bites take weeks to stop itching and being red.


  • Never add gasoline or engine oil to hot mowers; let the machine cool down first.
  • Be sure to read your User’s Manual for the challenging job of mowing on slopes. You never want the mower to fall on you that can cause terrible injuries.
  • Wear SPF sun protection on your skin.
  • Keep your feet and hands away from moving parts, especially the blade.
  • Do not have passengers on a riding mower.
  • Always remember to remove the key if your mower uses one.
  • All about extension cords is on Wikipedia here. It is critically important to have the correct AWG (American Wire Gauge) for the length of extension cord to use with the lawn mower you buy. Be sure to click on the yellow extension cord in the picture to the right to read and understand the NEMA numbers. If you use a thin extension cord that you use for your electric lamp with 2-prongs, you’ll burn out your mower motor. Remember, the longer the cord the larger the gauge.
  • Always store your lawn mowers in a dry place out of the weather elements.
  • Use the engine oil recommended in the User’s Manual, usually SAE 30. Never use transmission fluid!
  • Mowing Height for Cool-season Grasses

Bentgrass – 1/2- to 1-inch

Bluegrass – 2- to 2-1/2-inches

Perennial Ryegrass – 2- to 3-inches

Fescue – 2- to 3-inches

  • Mowing Height for Warm-season Grasses

Bahia – 2- to 2-1/2-inches

Bermuda – 1-1/2- to 2-inches

Centipede – 1-1/2- to 2-inches

St. Augustine – 2- to 3-inches

Zoysia – 1- to 2-inches

How to mow a lawn for beginners and old-timers too video.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s all about what you can afford for getting your lawn cutting needs met. Read customer reviews on Amazon because those buyers will let you know their honest opinion using the mower they bought. Happy shopping!

Old McCormick mower of days gone by. I’d sure hate to do it this way on a hot humid day!

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